Peppermints, Chocolate Mints Recipes

Peppermints, Chocolate Mints, Etc.

Ingredients Peppermints Chocolate Mints :

White of 1 egg,
2 tablespoonfuls of cold water,
Sifted confectioner’s sugar,
½ teaspoonful of essence of peppermint or a few drops of oil of peppermint,
1 or 2 squares of Baker’s Chocolate,
Green color paste,
Pink color paste.

Step Peppermints Chocolate Mints :

Beat the egg on a plate, add the cold water and gradually work in sugar enough to make a firm paste. Divide the sugar paste into three parts. To one part add the peppermint and a very little of the green color paste. Take the paste from the jar with a wooden tooth pick, add but a little. Work and knead the mixture until the paste is evenly distributed throughout. Roll the candy into a sheet one-fourth an inch thick, then cut out into small rounds or other shape with any utensil that is convenient. Color the second part a very delicate pink, flavor with rose extract and cut out in the same manner as the first. To the last part add one or two squares of Baker’s Chocolate, melted over hot water, and flavor with peppermint. Add also a little water, as the chocolate will make the mixture thick and crumbly. Begin by adding a tablespoonful of water, then add more if necessary, knead and cut these as the others.

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