Ingredients Chocolate Nougat Cake :

¼ a cup of butter,
1 ½ cups of powdered sugar,
2 egg,
1 cup of milk,
2 cups of bread flour,
3 teaspoonfuls of baking powder,
½ teaspoonful of vanilla,
2 squares of chocolate, melted,
½ a cup of powdered sugar,
2/3 a cup of almonds blanched and shredded.

Step Chocolate Nougat Cake :

Cream the butter, add gradually one and one-half cups of sugar, and egg unbeaten; when well mixed, add two-thirds milk, flour mixed and sifted with baking powder, and vanilla. To melted chocolate add one-third a cup of powdered sugar, place on range, add gradually remaining milk, and cook until smooth. Cool slightly and add to cake mixture. Bake fifteen to twenty minutes in round layer-cake pans. Put between layers and on top of cake White Mountain Cream sprinkled with almonds

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe


Ingredients Chocolate Ice Cream :

1 quart of milk,
Pinch of salt,
3 squares of Baker’s Chocolate,
3 level tablespoonfuls of flour,
1 can of sweetened condensed milk,
3 eggs,
6 level tablespoonfuls of sugar,
3 teaspoonfuls of vanilla.

Step Chocolate Ice Cream :

Put milk, salt and chocolate in double-boiler, and when milk is hot and chocolate has melted, stir in the flour, previously mixed in a little cold milk. Cook ten minutes, then pour this over the condensed milk, eggs and sugar mixed together; cook again for four minutes, stirring. Strain, and when cool add vanilla, and freeze.


Ingredients Chocolate Whip :

1 cup of milk,
1 ½ squares of Baker’s Chocolate,
Pinch of salt,
2 level tablespoonfuls of cornstarch,
2 eggs (yolks),
6 level tablespoonfuls of sugar,
2 teaspoonfuls of vanilla,
5 eggs (whites).

Step Chocolate Whip :

Put milk, chocolate and salt in double-boiler; mix cornstarch in a small quantity of cold milk, and stir into the hot milk when the chocolate has been melted; stir until smooth, then cook twelve minutes. Mix together the yolks of the eggs and sugar, then pour the hot mixture over it; cook again one or two minutes, stirring. When very cold, just before serving, add the vanilla and fold in the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs. Pile lightly in a glass dish and serve with lady fingers. A meringue can be made of the whites of the eggs and sugar, then folded in the chocolate mixture, but it does not stand as long.

Cocoa Biscuit Sauce Recipe


Ingredients Chocolate Sauce :

2 level tablespoonfuls of butter,
1 level tablespoonful of flour,
Pinch of salt,
1 cup of boiling water,
1 square of Baker’s Chocolate,
4 level tablespoonfuls of sugar,
1 teaspoonful of vanilla.

Step Chocolate Sauce :

Melt butter in saucepan, add dry flour and salt and mix until smooth, then add slowly the hot water, beating well. Add the square of chocolate and sugar and stir until melted. Add vanilla, just before serving.


Ingredients Cocoa Biscuit :

2 cups or 1 pint of sifted flour,
3 level teaspoonfuls of baking powder,
½ a teaspoonful of salt,
2 level tablespoonfuls of sugar,
4 level tablespoonfuls of Baker’s Cocoa,
2 level tablespoonfuls of butter or lard,
2/3 a cup of milk or enough to make a firm but not a stiff dough.

Step Cocoa biscuit :

Sift all the dry ingredients together, rub in the butter with the tips of the fingers. Stir in the required amount of milk. Turn out on slightly floured board, roll or pat out the desired thickness, place close together in pan and bake in very hot oven ten or fifteen minutes.

Chocolate Meringue & Cocoa Sticks Recipes


Ingredients Chocolate Filling : 

1 cup of milk,
Pinch of salt,
1 ½ squares of Baker’s Chocolate,
2 level tablespoonfuls of flour,
2 eggs (yolks),
5 tablespoonfuls of sugar (level),
1 teaspoonful of vanilla.

Step Chocolate Filling :

Put milk, salt and chocolate in upper part of the double-boiler, and when hot and smooth, stir in the flour, which has been mixed with enough cold milk to be thin enough to pour into the hot milk. Cook, stirring constantly, until it thickens; then let it cook eight or ten minutes. Mix the eggs and sugar together and pour the hot mixture over them, stirring well; put back in double-boiler and cook, stirring constantly one minute. Remove, and when cool add one teaspoonful of vanilla.


Ingredients Meringue : 

2 eggs (whites),
Pinch of salt,
4 level tablespoonfuls of sugar,
1 teaspoonful of vanilla.

Step Meringue :

Add salt to eggs and beat in a large shallow dish with fork or egg-whip until stiff and flaky and dish can be turned upside down. Beat in the sugar slowly, then the vanilla, and beat until the dish can be turned upside down.


Ingredients Cocoa Sticks :

1 tablespoonful of milk,
6 tablespoonfuls of butter,
¾ cup of sugar (scant),
1 egg,
1 teaspoonful of vanilla or pinch of cinnamon,
5 teaspoonfuls of Baker’s Cocoa,
1/8 teaspoonful of baking powder,
1 ¼ to 1 ½ cups of sifted pastry flour.

Step Cocoa Sticks :

Cream the butter until soft; add the sugar gradually and beat well; add the beaten egg, milk and vanilla; mix thoroughly. Sift cocoa, baking powder, and a pinch of salt with about one-half cup of the flour; stir this into the mixture first, then use the remainder of the flour, and more if necessary, to make a firm dough that will not stick to the fingers. Set on the ice to harden. Sprinkle the board with cocoa and a very little sugar. Use small pieces of the dough at a time, toss it over the board to prevent sticking, roll out thin, cut in strips about one-half inch wide and three inches long. Place closely in pan and bake in moderately hot oven three or four minutes. Great care should be taken in the baking to prevent burning.

It is advisable to gather the scraps after each rolling, if soft, and set away to harden, for fear of getting in too much cocoa, thus making them bitter.

The colder and harder the dough is, the better it can be handled; therefore it can be made the day before using.

Cocoa Frosting Sauce Cake Recipes


Ingredients Cocoa Frosting :

4 teaspoonfuls of Baker’s Cocoa,
2 tablespoonfuls of cold water,
3 tablespoonfuls of hot water,
½ a teaspoonful of vanilla,
About 1 ¾ cups of confectioners’ sugar.

Step Cocoa Frosting :

Put the cocoa in a small saucepan; add the cold water and stir until perfectly smooth; then the hot water, and cook for one or two minutes, add vanilla and a speck of salt, then stir in enough sugar to make it stiff enough to spread nicely. Beat until smooth and glossy and free from lumps.

If too thick, add a little cold water. If not thick enough, add a little sugar. Never make a frosting so stiff that it will have to be made smooth with a wet knife. It is better to let it run to the sides of the cake. For frosting sides of the cake, make a little stiffer.

This frosting never cracks as an egg frosting, but is hard enough to cut nicely.


Ingredients Cocoa Sauce :

2 tablespoonfuls of butter,
1 cup of boiling water,
2 tablespoonfuls of flour,
4 tablespoonfuls of sugar,
4 teaspoonfuls of Baker’s Cocoa,
1 teaspoonful of vanilla.

Step Cocoa Sauce :

Melt the butter in the saucepan; mix the flour and cocoa together and stir into the butter; add gradually the hot water, stirring and beating each time; cook until it thickens. Just before serving, add the sugar, vanilla and a pinch of salt, if necessary.

Use more cocoa if liked stronger. This sauce will be found excellent for cottage puddings, Dutch apple cakes, steamed apple puddings, etc.


Ingredients Cocoa Cake :

½ a cup of butter,
¾ a cup of milk,
1 cup of sugar,
6 level tablespoonfuls of Baker’s Cocoa,
3 eggs,
2 level teaspoonfuls of baking powder,
1 teaspoonful of vanilla,
1 ½ or 2 cups of sifted pastry flour.

Directions Cocoa Cake : 

Cream the butter, stir in the sugar gradually, add the unbeaten eggs, and beat all together until very creamy. Sift together one-half cup of the flour, the cocoa and baking powder; use this flour first, then alternate the milk and remaining flour, using enough to make mixture stiff enough to drop from the spoon; add vanilla and beat until very smooth; then bake in loaf in moderately hot oven thirty-five or forty minutes.

Tests for baking cake. It is baked enough when:

It shrinks from the pan.
Touching it on the top, springs back.
No singing sound.

Chocolate Dipped Parisian Sweets Recipe

Chocolate Dipped Parisian Sweets.

Ingredients Chocolate Dipped Parisian Sweets :

½ a cup of Sultana raisins,
5 figs,
1 cup of dates,
2 ounces citron,
2/3 a cup of nut meats, (almonds, filberts, pecans or walnuts, one variety or a mixture),
1 ½ ounces of Baker’s Chocolate,
1/3 a cup of confectioner’s sugar,
¼ a teaspoonful of salt,
Chocolate Fondant or
Baker’s “Dot” Chocolate.

Step Chocolate Dipped Parisian Sweets :

Pour boiling water over the figs and dates, let boil up once, then drain as dry as possible; remove stones from the dates, the stem ends from the figs; chop the fruit and nut meats (almonds should be blanched) in a food chopper; add the salt; and the sugar and work the whole to a smooth paste; add the chocolate, melted, and work it evenly through the mass. Add more sugar if it is needed and roll the mixture into a sheet one-fourth an inch thick. Cut into strips an inch wide. Cut the strips into diamond-shaped pieces (or squares); roll these in confectioner’s sugar or dip them in chocolate fondant or in Baker’s “Dot” Chocolate, and sprinkle a little fine-chopped pistachio nut meats on the top of the dipped pieces. When rolling the mixture use confectioner’s sugar on board and rolling pin.