Marbled Fudge Recipe

Marbled Fudge

Ingredients Marbled Fudge :

2 cups of granulated sugar,
¼ a cup of glucose (pure corn syrup),
1 ½ cups of cream,
1 tablespoonful of butter,
2 squares of Baker’s Chocolate, scraped fine or melted,
2 teaspoonfuls of vanilla.

Step Marbled Fudge :

Stir the sugar, glucose and cream over a slack fire until the sugar is melted; move the saucepan to a hotter part of the range and continue stirring until the mixture boils, then let boil, stirring every three or four minutes very gently, until the thermometer registers 236° F., or, till a soft ball can be formed in cold water. Remove from the fire and pour one-half of the mixture over the chocolate. Set both dishes on a cake rack, or on something that will allow the air to circulate below the dishes. When the mixture cools a little, get some one to beat one dish of the fudge; add a teaspoonful of vanilla to each dish, and beat until thick and slightly grainy, then put the mixture in a pan, lined with waxed paper, first a little of one and then of the other, to give a marbled effect. When nearly cold turn from the pan, peel off the paper and cut into cubes.

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