Fudge Hearts Or Rounds

Fudge Hearts Or Rounds

Ingredients Fudge Hearts Or Rounds :

2 cups of granulated sugar,
1/3 a cup of condensed milk,
1/3 a cup of water,
¼ a cup of butter,
1 ½ squares of Baker’s Chocolate,
1 teaspoonful of vanilla extract.

Step Fudge Hearts Or Rounds :

Boil the sugar, milk and water to 236° F., or to the “soft ball” degree; stir gently every few minutes; add the butter and let boil up vigorously, then remove from the fire and add the chocolate; let stand undisturbed until cool, then add the vanilla and beat the candy until it thickens and begins to sugar. Pour into a pan lined with paper to stand until cooled somewhat; turn from the mold and with a French cutter or a sharp edged tube cut into symmetrical shapes.

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